Royal Empress Tree

A lot of people find the Royal Empress Tree to be one of the most hyped up types of trees these days what with its ability to grow fast, has plenty of beautiful cascades of flowers and produces hardwood as well. However, the Royal Empress Tree has its own drawbacks so it is best that you learn all the pros and cons first before deciding on whether to have this fine tree right on your very own backyard.

Royal Empress Tree: What You Need to Know

Originating from China, the Royal Empress Tree was found to be quite invasive in different parts of the country especially when it easily took root to different types of soil and was able to survive all kinds of conditions such as drought, fire, bulldozing and even logging for that matter.

Picture of a beautiful royal empress tree

The Royal Empress Tree is typically characterized as having large leaves, with blossoms having a bell shape that is somewhat similar to the foxglove. The leaves of the tree are sometimes used as fodder for animals which is one of the benefits that you can get out of this tree.

Getting your hands on Royal Empress Tree seeds shouldn’t be too difficult especially when there are lots of garden shops out there that have them for sale. Just look around for your neighborhood horticulturist and for sure they have seeds for you. If all else fails, you can always order online.

With the Royal Empress tree invasive these days, government agencies are requesting homeowners to avoid planting one since it can spread rapidly, however, with the right care and maintenance, you can one of the lucky few who manages to control this gorgeous tree in your own backyard.

Royal Empress Tree: How to Maintain

Fast growing trees such as the Royal Empress Tree can be quite difficult to handle but if you are determined to have one then here are a few things that you should know. First of all, you need to think where to plant the Royal Empress Tree. You should consider things such as distance from your home, septic tanks, and even water lines to avoid damage. You should also pay special attention to this tree during its first years especially keeping away weeds and even animals from causing too much damage to its leaves and bark. Keep in mind to plant the Royal Empress Tree after the drought so it can grow better.

Picture of a royal empress tree

There are instances where the Royal Empress Tree can be burdensome especially when it is starting to become invasive and some people resort to blasting everything just to get rid of the roots and the like. However, this won’t be too much of a problem at all if you start maintaining it during its first few years and you will be rewarded with a fine looking Royal Empress Tree that is majestic in its towering height and amazing beautiful flowers in the long run that will be the best addition to your backyard today.